Get stronger, faster, more energetic, and crush your fitness goals!

Meet Grace

Grace was born and raised in Apex, North Carolina and is passionate about helping people reach their personal fitness goals while also helping them find joy in the process! Throughout high school and college, Grace worked at a fitness facility in Morehead City and also spent time working as a physical therapist aid and clinical assistant. 

Grace received her Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology from East Carolina University and will be graduating in May with her Doctor of Physical Therapy. 

Grace truly loves fitness and enjoys recreational running, weightlifting, cycling, wakeboarding, and painting in her free time. She loves testing the limits of the human body and is excited to share her passion for wellness with those around her. 

Power Hour

Offered Mondays at 8:00am

This class is a 60 minute cardio bootcamp class, designed to help you get stronger, faster, build endurance, and improve your overall physical performance! It is also a great way to boost your metabolism and increase cardiovascular endurance.

Rise and Grind

Offered Wednesdays at 5:45am and 5:30pm

This is a 45 minute full-body strength class, designed to help you maximize your muscular strength and endurance, while promoting essential movement patterns. This class can be modified for any individual and is great for increasing your calorie expenditure and improving cardiovascular fitness!


Offered Fridays at 5:45am

This class is designed to incorporate 20 minutes of functional strengthening with 21 minutes of stretching/mobility work. This will allow you to build foundational strength while optimizing flexibility in order to promote injury prevention and joint mobility.

Class Packages

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