Dr. MacCallum is passionate about helping endurance runners and lower extremity athletes achieve their goals.

Dr. Douglas MacCallum grew up in Long Beach, California and first became interested in the medical field when he observed the positive impact physical therapy had on his father when he was recovering from a total hip arthroplasty. Throughout college, Douglas worked as a physical therapist aid, volunteered in the Rehabilitation Department of Miller Children’s Hospital and participated in a two-week medical mission trip to Vietnam to serve the underprivileged community in 2015.

Douglas began his college career at Long Beach City College and transferred to California State University, Long Beach where he received his Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science. In 2019, he received his Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Elon University after completing his clinical rotations in central North Carolina, Johnson City, Tennessee and New York City, New York.

During his schooling at Elon, Douglas was involved in two research projects; a transcranial magnetic stimulation study on the effects music has on motor recruitment and collected data for Duke University’s K-Lab pre-injury screening for division 1 collegiate athletes.

Douglas is passionate about treating athletes of all levels of competition and loves to help endurance runners and lower extremity athletes achieve their goals. He is trained to analyze your running form via 2-D video analysis and 3-D motion capture to improve efficiency, reduce pain and risk of injury. 

Douglas enjoys running, golf, competitive paintball, basketball and hiking. He supports the Los Angeles Dodgers, Los Angeles Lakers, Los Angeles Kings and the New York Giants.

Running PT Specialties

  • Manual Therapy
  • Injury Prevention
  • Running Injuries
  • Functional Integrated Myofascial Release

Professional Organizations

  • American Physical Therapy Association
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“Outstanding physical therapy and other services to keep you healthy and moving in whatever sport or activity you do. Brandon, Lee, and Erin are the best. Very accommodating hours, some nights and early mornings. Excellent and very clean facility in an easy location. Certified in dry needling and highly effective in using this. Recently added a truly incredible 3D running gait analysis system (with a highly trained physical therapist who specializes in this, Lee) so runners can finally get to the root of their problems by seeing computer generated images at every ankle and with extreme detail. I have been a runner for 30+ years and have always run high mileage. In spite of very few injuries, I plan to have the 3D analysis to help me run faster and to minimize injuries going forward.”


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