A running gait analysis can benefit runners at any level, injured on non-injured. We offer comprehensive, detailed 2D and 3D running gait analysis (as well as a virtual running gait analysis option) and follow up sessions for those looking to improve running form and speed while working towards lowering their risk of injury. And yes, a 2D analysis is covered by insurance when related to a running injury.

Runner-Specific Plan

We can help you! Whether your goal is to be a faster sprinter, to problem solve a recurring injury, or to minimize injury risk, we are here to help. When considering a gait analysis and changing run form it is important to consider that runners are individuals, and as individuals we are all different. Differences in anatomy result in differences in running mechanics. These differences need to be respected, and runners should not be “boxed” into a certain running form that their body is not meant to achieve. At The Running PTs we use an individualistic approach to gait analysis and running biomechanics correction that is second-to-none. We respect the individual runner and their goals when working towards achievable run form. In addition, we utilize an evidence-based approach to working on running mechanics that is supported by the literature. Our goal is to first “do-no-harm”, and ensure that we do not increase the risk of running injury by making unnecessary changes.

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“It is difficult to find practitioners anywhere with this much experience and knowledge. As a runner/triathlete, I have worked a lot with Lee Welch. He is a great and trustworthy physical therapist, a great clinician and an educator. The Running PTs and BYoung Physical Therapy base their work on evidence and are willing to try alternate approaches after discussing with the client. I appreciate that he adjusts his approach based on the latest research in physical therapy. They are impressive, and at the same time kind, gentle and very present.”


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