The goal of The Running PTs is two-fold: to get patients feeling better quickly, and to determine and address the cause of the injury.

During your PT session, we will focus on symptomatic reduction and correction of the foundational root of the injury. With PT for runners, manual therapy and dry needling typically improves symptoms dramatically. These techniques are also important components in injury prevention in all athletes.

Some of the common PT treatment techniques we utilize to get you feeling better at The Running PTs are listed below.

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IASTM is an incredibly effective PT technique used to improve soft tissue mobility in running athletes. This technique uses the edge of a stainless steel tool and massage cream to improve superficial soft tissue mobility, reduce pain, and improve blood flow. In the right hands of the right PT, it is incredibly effective at treating lower extremity injuries, especially when combined with dry needling and active soft tissue release. Learn more about athlete recovery.

Dry needling is used to release active trigger points.

Cupping is used to increase blood flow and through suction. This modality often causes bruising but can help improve soft tissue mobility and pain and improve recovery time in athletes. Learn more about athlete recovery.
A skilled physical therapist is trained in many manual therapy techniques to improve range of motion, decrease pain, and improve function. Our manual therapists are well versed with using their hands to reduce pain and improve recovery time. Learn more about athlete recovery.
The TheraGun G2PRO is the world leader in targeted vibration therapy and pain relief. The Running PTs offers this tool for muscle activation and recovery. Learn more about athlete recovery.
This is a form of manual therapy to increase soft tissue mobility and decrease pain. Learn more about athlete recovery.
Run form can contribute to running injuries. We can work to address your run form. Learn more about gait analysis.

We utilize a variety of techniques to improve pain and stabilize sore muscles. We will teach you how to tape yourself when indicated.

We can make custom orthotics or, often times, make recommendations for over-the-counter orthotics.
Normatec recovery boots help you recover faster between workouts by reducing muscle soreness and improving circulation. Learn more about athlete recovery.
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Our Foundation

The Running PTs was founded on the concept that PT should be skilled and results driven, and patients should be allowed to use their insurance for this type of PT when injured. Because patients consistently work with the same specialized therapist, our model allows for increased time for manual therapy and quicker return to sport.

The Running PTs powered by BYoung Physical Therapy offers direct access physical therapy billable through insurance, meaning you don’t need a referral to be evaluated at The Running PTs.

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“I have seen Lee for injury recovery, gait analysis & gait training, and routine maintenance. He has surpassed my expectations in every capacity. My gait has changed significantly since first working with Lee and, in doing so, I’ve been able to shed the shoe inserts and the knee brace. I am not easy on my body and Lee keeps me going. He is highly efficient in tackling multiple therapy modalities in a single visit and always gives the hands-on therapy time needed. Having a skilled PT and that truly “gets” the runner mindset makes a world of difference. Every athlete needs a Lee Welch in their arsenal!”


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