The Running PTs was founded on the concept that physical therapy should be skilled and results driven. Furthermore, injured patients should be able to use their insurance for this type of care. With our model, patients consistently work with the same specialized therapist, Dr. Lundahl, Dr. Koenke, or Dr. Welch. This subsequently allows for increased time for manual therapy and quicker return to sport.

Our Goal

The goal of The Running PTs is two-fold: to get patients feeling better quickly, and to determine and address the initial cause of the injury. In runners, this is often times an issue with mobility, strength, or a biomechanical flaw. Our therapists Dr. Lee Welch, Dr. Hayden Lundahl, and Dr. Erin Koenke (Kling) can quickly determine the cause of a running or lower extremity injury. This allows us to reduce symptoms and fix the flaw in as few treatments as possible.

The Running PTs powered by BYoung Physical Therapy offers direct access physical therapy billable through insurance. This means you don’t need a referral to be evaluated at The Running PTs.

The Running PTs Cary NC About Physical Therapy

Meet our Providers

lee welch

Lee Welch, PT, DPT, OCS is Doctor of Physical Therapy and a Board Certified Orthopaedic Specialist (less than 10% of physical therapists are board certified).

Dr. Welch specializes in treating the lower extremity including hip, knee, foot and ankle injuries. Lee has significant experience with lower extremity injuries in runners and non-runners alike. Read more about Lee.

erin kling

Erin Koenke, PT, DPT, (Erin Kling) is a Doctor of Physical Therapy.

Erin has experience in outpatient orthopaedics along with a background in triathlon, collegiate cross country and track. Consequently, these distinctions give her the skill, personal knowledge, and professional enthusiasm to understand the mind of the injured endurance athlete. Read more about Erin.

Hayden Lundahl, PT, DPT, is a Doctor of Physical Therapy.

Hayden is passionate about treating lower extremity injuries in runners, volleyball players, and all other endurance and power athletes. She is committed to not only understand “what” the root cause of the injury is, but “why” it is happening to prevent the chances of re-injury and allow for full rehabilitation through individualized and multimodal treatmentRead more about Hayden.

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“I had my first visit today with Lee Welch after being highly recommended by my running group. I’m so glad I finally did! My time with Lee was probably the most beneficial 45 minutes spent in my running journey thus far. Lee took time to listen, did a very thorough orthopedic evaluation, asked questions, analyzed my running, gave a very detailed explanation of what he observed and then gave me specific action steps until my next appointment. He was very patient and took the time to explain everything and made sure I understood. I especially like that his approach is not “one-size-fits-all”, but a very methodical, personalized plan to injury-free success. I actually can’t wait until my next appointment! Thank you Lee and B Young PT!”

Erin T.

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