Dry Needling is a technique that releases taut bands of tension in muscles. It helps muscles recover from injury and reduces pain. Often times it will eliminate symptoms in tight muscles altogether. This treatment is most effective when combined with a comprehensive physical therapy program that identifies and targets the root of the problem. Dry needling can also help runners and endurance athletes recover faster from running injuries.

What is Dry Needling?

This popular treatment involves inserting a tiny monofilament needle in a muscle or muscles in order to release shortened bands of tension and decrease trigger point activity. This incredibly effective and popular treatment can help resolve pain and muscle tension in runners and endurance athletes. It can also promote healing and speed up recovery from running injuries. Think of the needle as an extension of the therapist’s hands into muscles that can’t be reached. In runners and endurance athletes, this can be an incredibly effective technique to facilitate healing from running injuries.

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“Can’t recommend this place enough for PT and dry needling. Saw them for ongoing hip pain and was treated with dry needling and some simple PT exercises I could do at home. Lee is so knowledgeable and friendly and clearly passionate about his work. They really want their patients to get better (as opposed to some PTs who seem to want people to come back endlessly!) and have the skill set to make it happen.”

Beth F.

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