A recent article reviewed what comprises the core and how this could help low pain pain. 

What exactly is the core?

The core is traditionally thought of as the abdominal muscles, but this suggests we should think of the core as the muscles from the shoulders to the pelvis. 

Why should I strengthen the core?

Strengthening along with co-contraction of the core musculature can increase stability about the spinal column. While training the core, it is important to train rotation at the pelvis and not rotation at the spine. 

Take home:

Strengthening the core includes working muscles from the shoulders to the pelvis, and a benefit of core strengthening can increase stability around the spine. 

Core work:

Forearm plank hold

Side plank circuit

Plank walk out

Plank walk out with leg lift

Hip airplanes

For more information check out:

Wirth K, Hartmann H, Mickel C, Szilvas E, Keiner M, Sander A. Core Stability in Athletes: A Critical Analysis of Current Guidelines. Sports Med. 2017;47(3):401-414. doi:10.1007/s40279-016-0597-7

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