Balance is a multifaceted, neuromuscular skill that involves multiple muscles working together to allow you to maintain stability on your feet.


As a runner, it is important to have good balance because improved neuromuscular coordination enables improved overall body awareness and stability. 


Utilizing varying unstable surfaces (such as a BOSU) assists to promote increased challenge and can be very beneficial, if you are able to perform it safely. 


Here are a series of different options of balance work that can be performed on the blue (soft) side of a BOSU.



  1. Around the world – 5x each direction
  2. Single leg balance – 2×30 second hold on each leg
  3. Single leg RDL – 4×5 each leg
  4. Hand to heel – 4×5 each leg 


Safety should be of utmost importance, so be sure to perform these balance exercises near a wall or a counter. 


Do not attempt the single leg balance, single leg RDL, or hand to heel until you are comfortably able to perform it on stable ground first! 


This information is not intended to be medical advice. Consult with your physician or physical therapist before beginning any exercise program.

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